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Check Engine Lights

Many People think that when your Check Engine Light comes on that You need an Oil Change. Although some issues that can illuminate your Check Engine Light are related to oil level and quality, most times you have other concerns that need to be addressed. 

What the Check Engine Light is telling You is that a fault exists in your Powertrain that affects the emission output from the Engine.

In most cases it is safe to continue driving Your Vehicle with the Check Engine Light on but you need to schedule a service visit with Us to determine the cause of the fault soon as is convenient for you. Driving for extended periods with some faults can cause damage that can get costly to repair so don't wait too long.

If your Check Engine Light is Flashing this indicates that a Miss Fire condition is occurring that can lead to Catalytic Converter damage. If this happens You will want to drive your Car to a safe location and turn it off. Your Safety is most important here, if you are in an unsafe location take the time to find a safe spot to park and turn the car off. We can always fix the car We cant replace You!

Once you are in a safe location and the car is off you can wait a few minutes and see if restarting the Engine makes the light stop flashing. If it is still flashing it is best to turn the Engine off and call for a tow.

Catalytic Converter damage happens quickly and can cost thousands of dollars on some vehicles to replace.

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The Electrical System in Your Vehicle is its Central Nervous System. Everything from Critical Engine & Transmission Data to the Music You listen to All operate through Your Vehicles Electrical System.

Today's Vehicles have Multiple Computers and Multiple Networks that send Data to make everything work. 

You may not realize it but Your Vehicle is Probably the Most Complicated Device that you interact with Every Day.

You need Specialized Tools & Equipment along with the Knowledge of how these Systems work and how to test and Interpret data. The Test Equipment is providing vast sums of Information that needs to be analyzed so faults can be located. At Pashco we have Years of Experience and routinely handle some of the toughest problems. We also have invested in the latest diagnostic tools to get the job done Right on the First Visit.

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