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Preventive Maintenance is Essential to Your Vehicle Living a Long Life. 

Would You not Brush Your Teeth or Shower for Weeks at a time? Of course not You would start to suffer from Health problems if You Neglected Your Personal Hygiene.

When it comes to Your Car it is no different. Neglect the Basic Care and it wont be long before It will start having problems.

Every Vehicle ever built needs to receive proper maintenance to maintain proper Trouble Free Operation.

If You listened to many Manufacturers One would believe Your Car is Maintenance Free. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Maintenance Needs Vary based on Multiple Factors. Stop by and We would be happy to set up a Personalized Maintenance Plan to fit Your Needs. Just Remember those Words Your Parents taught You " An ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure".

Some Basic Maintenance Services include Oil and Filter changes in Your Engine and Transmission, Air Filter and Cabin Filter Replacements, Fluid Exchanges on Coolant and Brake Fluids and Replacing Lubricants in other Components that are internally Lubricated. The Fluids throughout Your Vehicle collect Dirt, Debris, Moisture and other Material which Circulate through the Component causing Wear. This Shortens the Life of the Component Leading to Early Failure. Other Fluids have Critical Additives that Break Down over Time and cause the Fluid to be Less Effective at doing its Job which also leads to Component Wear and Early Failure. 

So don't Ignore these Essential Services, Review Your Records and if You are Falling Behind get Caught Up Today.

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A set of new spark plugs of the car, and


Today's Battery Test Equipment can Spot Problems in Your Battery Long Before it Leaves You Stranded. If your Battery is 3 or More Years old let Us Test it Today. 

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Our Customers the Interstate Batteries you have learned to trust.

             Like the logo says

     "Outrageously Dependable"


We Sell Tires! We have Tires Available from All the Major Tire Manufacturers. We Install on Vehicles Up To Medium Duty Trucks. Winter Tires are Available for Those Who Want Extra Traction in Winter Driving Conditions. We Perform Flat Repairs as well and Follow the Rubber Manufacturers Association Guidelines for Safe Repairs on Your Tires.


Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Ignition Coils, Fuel Injectors, Air Filters, PCV Systems, Throttle Bodies and Evaporative Recovery Systems All Need to be Inspected and Serviced at Periodic Intervals to Keep You Running at Peak Efficiency. Look No Further Pashco Can Keep You Running at The Top of The Pack.

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