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Engine Repairs

The Engine in Your Vehicle is a Complicated Piece of Engineering. Problems can be Little such as a Leaking Gasket to Big such as a bad Connecting Rod. At Pashco We see all types of Engine issues and have the Experience and Equipment to Restore Your Engine to its Former Glory. If Your Engine is not Operating Properly Don't Wait to get it Looked at. Waiting can only make things Worse which will Cost You More to Correct. Schedule an Appointment Today.

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Transmission Repairs

Your Transmission is Busy doing it's Job Every Time You Accelerate from a Stop. These Complicated Devices can have Upwards of 10 Forward Speeds with Numerous Clutches, Bands, Roller Clutches and Sprags. Under Normal Circumstances Transmissions are Reliable and Trouble Free. However they do Occasionally have Problems. Don't Trust Your Transmission to Just Anyone. At Pashco We have Over 35 Years of Experience Solving Complicated Transmission Problems. 
We Can Help, Give Us a Call.

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